As a facilitator and coach I support people who want to be active in the arts and artists who practice art, creativity and music professionally.

Music coaching: piano and…

I have been teaching piano for almost 40 years. The music school work was very close to my heart during all these years. It was my calling to give people of all ages access to the instrument and the music they wanted to play.

The music school of the lower Simmental-Kandertal MUSIKA was my last station of the music school work as teacher and co-director.I finished this job for focussing to processwork.

I also teach privately and combine this activity with the paradigm of process work. That is why I now call it piano coaching . The point is to follow your process so that you get to know your inner strength and your specific way of expression by playing the piano. Working on the piano always goes beyond playing the piano and concerns the whole person.
Whether you are a beginner or want to deepen your piano playing: piano coaching is possible for everyone.

Chamber music ensembles, various instrumentalists, who want to work on the deepening of the music, are also often in my studio. With them I work on musical statements and walk with them along their own process.

A special form of coaching I call Tonal Mind Coaching:

Tonal Mind : The creative way to ourselves

This form of coaching is chosen by people who like to work on a different level. Tonal Mind is my personal form of Processmind, as Arnold Mindell impressively teaches it and describes it in books, for example in books like Processmind ( Quest Books 2010)

In the background of all appearances music sounds. Be it one of my problems, be it my visions, hopes, fears, wishes, conflicts; music is always present. Even teams, organizations and communities have their specific, unique music. The musical world is the origin and home of all life. Music is immaterial and vibrates incessantly as an invisible source. Music is a way home to our innermost core. We are all connected with music, whether we consciously practice music or not.  Already through our body, through our voice and speech we are music. Everyone can sing in some way and even speech can be understood as music: Our language is also tempo, timbre, volume, pitch and rhythm. Tonal Mind is the music in the background, which always sounds, even if we do not consciously hear it.

In Tonal Mind Coaching we consciously begin to listen to the music in the background and create it ourselves. This may be a breath of breath, a single tone, a sound, a melody or a rhythmic gesture. When we follow this music, when we develop it, we are on a non-rational, essential path to ourselves, to answers to our questions, to extensions of our identity.

In Tonal Mind Coaching I accompany you and help you to find a creative way to yourself.

I support you to translate the experiences of your tones, sounds and rhythms into other channels in order to use the insights in your everyday life.

Tonal Mind Coaching does not require any musical knowledge. Everyone is welcome to go on a musical journey !

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