About me

My musical path

After my music studies in Winterthur CH, which I completed with a teaching and concert diploma in piano, a long journey began for me that continues to this day. Some questions on this journey were: What is the essential message of music? How do I get deeper into the energy of music? What does music want in the world? Which forms of communication are contemporary and which ones shine into the future? What in a musical work is time-bound to the respective epoch, what is timeless, supertemporal? How do I reach the levels of spiritual, mental and emotional experience of composers who have not lived for a long time? What does their music say today, especially now? How can I work on my consciousness as a musical facilitator? Where do the spontaneous ideas in improvisation come from? Do they come from myself or from the field surrounding me? What is inspiration really?

In the middle of my musical life I met the mountain farmer Lorenz Kunz. Together we set out and created the project kulturland.  The life on the farm and on the alp inspired my music. Out of this developed a music that left many boundaries behind. Cowbell music has been an integral part of my musical life since those years. Often in combination with works from the 20th and 21st century.
On my journey I met extraordinary inspiring and supporting people. Often they were musicians, but always also teachers, who worked on a completely different topic and yet became important inspirations for me as a musician. I consider myself lucky to be blessed again and again with significant encounters.
I am happy to present my experiences and my offers in more detail on the following pages. Read what cowbells have to do with Debussy and Cage and be inspired by Old and New Music, Tonal Mind, Unintentional Music and Deep Democracy.

Bio Magdalena Schatzmann