Piano and sound instruments such as bells, tam-tam, singing bowls, rattles, winter glow … tell of worlds that are opposed to each other, but which also have commonalities. On the one hand, there is polarity: the instrument of the educated middle classes, the piano with its music, which is inconceivable without western education and intellectuality. On the other hand, there are the instruments of the people, the animals, the indigenous people, the instruments of the spiritual world. If you trace all these instruments back, the polarity gradually disappears and the unity of sound, sound waves, the spiritual message of all that sounds, emerges and unites both types of instruments. This aspect interests me. The treatment of this polarity as well as its dissolution in music, this is the artistic theme that has always occupied me. For about 20 years I have been trying to bring these two worlds together in my personal life, and from this I draw for my musical projects. I am convinced that we all carry these two worlds within us and my visions are aimed at making this conscious, not least for the ability to understand the other, foreign aspect. That is why I play music on the bells that is not limited to tradition and that is why I love to play on the piano works that have turned our European tradition upside down, for example the works of John Cage, which unite with the sound music of the bells in a way that transcends intellectuality and also tradition and creates space for new musical experiences.

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